Manual Lever Hoist

Manual Lever Hoist

This manual chain hoists with 0.75ton lifting capacity and 3 meters lifting chain, are designed and built for most industrial lifting, pulling application, such as garage, workshops, agriculture, industry, forestry, gardening, landscaping and etc.


  • With safe 360 degree top & bottom swivel hook and automatic braking system provides simple load control.
  • Rubberized handle for secure grip and comfortable use
  • Heavy duty design, alloy steel construction for strength and durability.
  • Conforms to CE safety standard



TypeManual Lever HoistManual Lever Hoist
Rated Capacity         kg(lb)750(1650)1500(3300)
Standard Lifting Height  mm(ft)1500(4.9)3000(9.2)
Effort to Rated Capacity   N150230
Dia. of load Chain      mm(inch)Ø6*18(0.2*0.7)Ø8*24(0.4*1)
Net Weight           kg(lb)7.5(16.5)11.5(25.3)


After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction.
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty(Not include consumable accessories/ parts).
  3. Professional after-sales service personnel.
  4. Spare parts support.



  1. After use, the hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease, stored in a dry place to prevent the hoist from being rusted and corroded.
  2. Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those who are more familiar with the hoist mechanism. Clean the hoist parts with kerosene, lubricate the gears and bearings, and prevent the people who do not understand the performance principle from disassembling.
  3. After the hoist has been cleaned and repaired, it should be tested for no-load test to confirm that the work is normal and the brake is reliable before it can be delivered.
  4. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean. The brake part should be checked frequently to prevent the brake from malfunctioning and the heavy object falling.
  5. The roller of the left and right bearing of the lifting sprocket of the chain hoist can be adhered to the inner ring of the bearing which has been press-fitted to the journal of the hoisting sprocket, and then loaded into the outer ring of the bearing of the wallboard.
  6. When installing the brake device part, pay attention to the good cooperation between the ratchet tooth groove and the pawl claw. The spring should control the pawl flexibly and reliably. After attaching the hand sprocket, turn the hand sprocket clockwise to make the ratchet The friction plate is pressed against the brake seat, and the hand wheel is rotated counterclockwise, and a gap should be left between the ratchet and the friction plate.
  7. For the convenience of maintenance and disassembly, one of the bracelets is an open chain (no welding is allowed).
  8. During the process of refueling and using the chain hoist, the friction surface of the brake device must be kept clean, and the brake performance should be checked frequently to prevent the weight from falling due to the brake failure.

Q:Will the chain of this manual lever chain crane break?

A: If it works within the limited weight, it will be very strong, but if it exceeds, it will be dangerous.

Q: What is the length of the chain?

A: The length of the chain can be customized according to your request.

Q: Does the handle ratchet?

A:Yes, it does ratchet and free wheel also.

Q: Most hoists come with 2 hooks,does this hoist also?

A: Yes, it comes with two hooks.


Operation procedure:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use the cable pull overload.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to operate with other powers other than manpower.
  3. Before use, make sure that the parts are intact, the transmission parts and the lifting chain are well lubricated, and the idling condition is normal.
  4. Check whether the upper and lower hooks are hung before lifting, and the lifting chain should be hung vertically. There must be no twisted links, and the lower hook frame of the double-row chain must not be turned over.
  5. The operator should stand in the same plane as the bracelet wheel to sway the bracelet, so that the bracelet wheel rotates in a clockwise direction, so that the weight can be raised; when the bracelet is reversed, the weight can be slowly lowered.
  6. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to do any work or walking under heavy objects to avoid major accidents.
  7. During the lifting process, no matter whether the weight rises or falls, when the bracelet is pulled, the force should be even and gentle. Do not use excessive force to avoid the bracelet jumping or the snap ring.
  8. If the operator finds that the pull force is greater than the normal pull force, it should stop using it immediately. Prevent damage to the internal structure to prevent accidents.
  9. After the heavy object has landed safely and securely, remove the hook from the chain.
  10. After use, gently handle, put it in a dry, ventilated place, and apply the lubricating oil.

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