ART063 Beam Clamp

Beam Clamp

This Beam Clamp with 2200 lbs capacity is a secure choice for construction and commercial vertical rigging operations.

Could easily attached to the lower flanges of steel beams and provide semi-permanent lifting points. this screw-type mechanism makes installation efficient and simple, and the beam clamp can be used with manual or electric chain hoists.

Types of Beam Clamp

Screwlock beam clamp  Universal beam clamp  I beam clamp  hoist beam clamp  lifting beam clamp


  1. Provides a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment , pulley blocks or loads.
  2. Flexible application due to wide adjustment range.
  3. The central threaded spindle allows easy attachment and a safe and secure grip.
  4. The spindle can be secured against loosening.



Safe Working Load2200lbs4400lbs6600lbs11000lbs22000lbs
Jaw Opening3"-8.7"3"-8.7"3.1”-12.6”3.1”-12.6”3.5”-12.6”
Jaw MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel


After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction.
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty(Not include consumable accessories/ parts).
  3. Professional after-sales service personnel.
  4. Spare parts support.

Beam clampmanufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products, beam clampis one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase this universal beam clamp, you could send us email or other ways that listed in the page.

Attention and Warning:

  1. Do not use objects other than steel.
  2. Not used for objects with too high hardness.
  3. Objects with irregular slopes may not be used for vertical lifting.
  4. It is not possible to use vertical cranes in the case of horizontal bite.
  5. The vertical clamp cannot hang more than 2 overlapping objects.
  6. Lifting objects such as rust, oil, paint and other foreign objects should be wiped off before using lifting clamps.
  7. It can't be used when the lifting temperature is higher than 150 °C or lower than 20°C.

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