ART031 economic lift table

Economic Lift Table is designed for transfer heavy loads, raise work pieces, and move items from the floor to elevated positions easier.Raise cargo to the perfect lifting height with the foot-operated hydraulic pump.

TC45P economic lift table

Types of Lift Table:

As a professional lift table manufacturer for many years, we have developed various kinds of lift table, such as scissor lift table, electric lift table,stationary lift table,stainless lift table,work positioner, etc…


Technical Parameter of  Economic Lift Table

Capacity   kg(lbs)220(484)450(990)
Maximum Lift Height  mm(in.)724(28.5)876(34.5)
Minimum Lift Height  mm(in.)235(9.3)279(11)
Platform Size  mm(in.)705*450(27.8*17.7)813*508(32*20)
Net Weight  kg(lbs)40.5(89.1)74(162.8)
Gross Weight kg(lbs)44.5(97.9)78.5(172.7)
Package Size   mm(in.)810*490*245(32*19*9.6)980*560*290(38.6*22*11.4)

The features of Economic Lift Table:

Heavy duty range

Unique lift design quickly raises & lowers material

New design to meet norm EN1570:1999

Overload valve protects pump and operator

Ergonomic cart design improves user safety

Two swivel castors with brakes and two rigid

After-sale service:

Each equipment comes with specs instruction

1 Year Limited Warranty(except for wearing parts,such as wheels)

We have been in manufacturing lift table for many years. And we have a professional and perfect after-sales service team.

Provide spare parts service

Operating procedures:

  1. It is necessary to repeatedly step on the pedal to make the cargo rise to the required height with the work surface;
  2. Slowly lift the handle, open the check valve to make the work surface slowly descend;
  3. Please turn on the brake before moving the lift table.


Attention and maintenance:

  1. The unit is specially designed and operated by the user;
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use overload or unbalanced load;
  3. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the platform;
  4. It is strictly forbidden to place your hands and feet under the lowering table;
  5. When the goods are being loaded, the brakes should be braked to prevent the hydraulic lift table from moving;
  6. The goods should be placed in the center of the countertop and placed in a stable position to prevent slippage;
  7. When the cargo is lifted, the platform truck cannot be moved;
  8. When moving, be sure to hold the handle to move the lift table;
  9. Use the manual lift table on a flat, hard ground, and do not use it on slopes or bumps.
  10. After the operation is completed, the goods should be unloaded to avoid deformation of the platform truck caused by heavy load for a long time;
  11. When maintaining, be sure to support the scissor arm with the support rod to avoid the lowering of the table during the work of the operator.

Lift Table manufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products,Lift Table is one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase an Electric Lift Table, you can send us email from this page for quotation now.

Common Failure and Solutions:

(一)The lift table is weak or unable to lift

Reasons and elimination methods:

  1. Cause: overload

Elimination method: reduce the load can be eliminated

  1. Reason: the oil return valve is not closed

Elimination method: tighten the return oil valve can be eliminated

  1. Reason: the one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and fails

Elimination method: unscrew the oil pump valve port bolt, overhaul, clean, replace clean hydraulic oil can be eliminated

4. reason: manual pump, gear pump serious oil leakage

Elimination method: replace the oil pump seal ring can be eliminated

5. reason: gear pump damage, hit the oil without pressure

Elimination method: replace gear pump can be eliminated

  1. Reason: insufficient hydraulic oil

Elimination method: add enough hydraulic oil to eliminate

  1. Reason: circuit break

Exclusion method: check the button contactor and fuse can be excluded

  1. Reason: clogged filter

Elimination method: replacement or cleaning can be eliminated

(二)The lifting platform drops naturally

Causes and elimination methods

  1. Reason: one-way valve discharge

Exclusion method: check the one-way valve in the valve group.If there is dirt on the sealing surface of the one-way valve. Clean check valve.

  1. Reason: the descending valve is not tightly closed

Elimination method: check whether there is electricity in the descending valve, if there is no electricity, remove the fault of the descending valve itself or replace the descending valve.The slide valve of the descending valve must be kept clean and movable.

  1. Cause: leakage in the oil cylinder

Elimination method: replace cylinder seal

(三)The lifting platform does not descend
  1. Reason: the descending valve fails

Elimination method: in the case of pressing the drop button, check whether the drop valve has electricity.If there is no electricity, try to eliminate it.If there is electricity, remove the falling valve itself fault, or replace the falling valve.The slide valve should be kept clean and lubricated.

  1. Reason: the descending speed control valve is out of balance

Elimination method: adjust the control valve of falling speed, if the adjustment is invalid, replace the new valve.

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