ART008 Hydraulic Equipment Mover

This Equipment Mover used for professional transport of heavy items. Mainly used for delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications. Perfect choice for moving heavy loads, this ART008 is 3960lbs loading capacity and must be used in sets(2pcs per set).

Types of Equipment Mover

Furniture mover   machinery mover heavy load mover

hydraulic furniture mover set


  • Transporting heavy furniture safely and easily with top handle to control direction of 4 wheels.
  • Equipped with load-securing straps to help stabilize loads, improve safety for workers, and prevent property damage.


Load Capacitykg(lb)1800(3960)
Lifting Heightmm(in.)100(4)250(10)
Lifting plateW*D   mm(in.)600*60(23.6*2.4)
Wheel. polyurethanemm(in.)Ø150(6)
Overall sizeL*W*H mm(in.)680*420*1000




Net Weightkg(lb)80(176)86(189.2)

After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction.
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty(Not include consumable accessories/ parts).
  3. Professional after-sales service personnel.
  4. Spare parts support.

Equipment Mover manufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products, Equipment Moveris one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase thisEquipment Mover, you could send us email or by other ways that listed in the page.

Attention and Warning:

  1. Before use, inspect the furniture carrier. If it is loose or damaged, it must be stopped.
  2. Do not overload when carrying furniture
  3. When the furniture is raised, keep your hands or feet under the furniture.
  4. Pay attention to each other when transporting furniture by multiple people
  5. Prohibit standing above
  6. Store in the right place after use.

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