ART045 Electric Scissor Lift Table

This Electric Lift Cart is an economical portable electric lift table on wheels that is a convenient solution to many material handling situations. The Electric lift table ES series is designed for order picking, die handling, assembly or anywhere lifting is required. Ergonomically placing the load at the right height from 495-1618mm.

Types of Scissor Lift Table

Electric Lift Table  Electric Scissor Lift Table   Mobile Lift Table   Manual Lift Table   Manual Table Lifter  Portable Lift Table.


  • Robust structure yet light weight.
  • Two brakes increase safety.
  • Power unit made in Europe DC 800W.
  • High quality battery, Single scissor 54Ah/12V;Double scissor 80Ah/12V.
  • Automatic battery charger.


Load CapacityKg(lb)300(660)500(1100)300(660)500(1100)
Table Size(L*W)mm(inch)1010*520(40*20)
Table Height Min/Maxmm(inch)450/950(19.5/37.4)495/1600(20/63)495/1618(20/64)
Lifting Cycle Fully Chargedmm(inch)65554540
Lifting/lowering timemm(inch)15/15
Overall sizemm(inch)520*1230(20*50.2)
Shipping weightKg(lb)140(308)148(326)183(403)198(436)

After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction.
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty(Not include consumable accessories/ parts).
  3. Professional after-sales service personnel.
  4. Spare parts support.

Attention and Maintenance:

  1. Charge the charger for more than 12 hours when it is used for the first time. Check whether the electrical connectors of the electric lifting platform are loose when charging. If the electric connector of the electric lifting platform is loose, it should be tightened and then recharged.
  2. Check the parts of the electric lifting platform for deformation and bending;
  3. Check if the brakes of the electric lifting platform are malfunctioning and the wear of the wheels of the electric lifting platform;
  4. Check the hydraulic system of the electric lifting platform for oil leakage;
  5. Check the high-pressure fuel pipe of the electric lifting platform for damage. If is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Or the rupture in using will cause a major danger;
  6. Fill the friction surfaces with lubricating oil before using the electric lifting platform every day;
  7. Recharge in time after using the electric lifting platform every day;
  8. If the electric lifting table is faulty, it should be repaired before use;
  9. Replace the hydraulic oil of the mobile table every 12 months, and select the correct hydraulic oil according to the climatic conditions of different regions;


Q: What about product warranty?

A: We offer 1 year limited warranty for most of our products and we can provide free accessories and professional engineers will assist you with repairs or we can provide repair videos for your reference.

Q: What is the speed of rise from lowered to max height?

A: The lift time is approximately 20 seconds from lowered height to the maximum height under full load (1100 lbs.)

Q: How many hours of continuous use do you get between charges?

A: The battery charge is based on usage not time. The lift cycle per charge is 40 elevations.

Common Failure and Solutions:

(一)The lift table is weak or unable to lift

Reasons and elimination methods:

  1. Cause: overload

Elimination method: reduce the load can be eliminated

  1. Reason: the oil return valve is not closed

Elimination method: tighten the return oil valve can be eliminated

  1. Reason: the one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and fails

Elimination method: unscrew the oil pump valve port bolt, overhaul, clean, replace clean hydraulic oil can be eliminated

4. reason: manual pump, gear pump serious oil leakage

Elimination method: replace the oil pump seal ring can be eliminated

5. reason: gear pump damage, hit the oil without pressure

Elimination method: replace gear pump can be eliminated

  1. Reason: insufficient hydraulic oil

Elimination method: add enough hydraulic oil to eliminate

  1. Reason: circuit break

Exclusion method: check the button contactor and fuse can be excluded

  1. Reason: clogged filter

Elimination method: replacement or cleaning can be eliminated

9. reason: support valve or electromagnetic reversing valve action failure, there are two cases: A, electromagnetic coil input voltage is less than 220V.B. solenoid coil burns out c. valve core is stuck

Elimination method: maintenance or replacement can be eliminated

(二)The lifting platform drops naturally

Causes and elimination methods

  1. Reason: one-way valve discharge

Exclusion method: check the one-way valve in the valve group.If there is dirt on the sealing surface of the one-way valve. Clean check valve.

  1. Reason: the descending valve is not tightly closed

Elimination method: check whether there is electricity in the descending valve, if there is no electricity, remove the fault of the descending valve itself or replace the descending valve.The slide valve of the descending valve must be kept clean and movable.

  1. Cause: leakage in the oil cylinder

Elimination method: replace cylinder seal

(三)The lifting platform does not descend

  1. Reason: the descending valve fails

Elimination method: in the case of pressing the drop button, check whether the drop valve has electricity.If there is no electricity, try to eliminate it.If there is electricity, remove the falling valve itself fault, or replace the falling valve.The slide valve should be kept clean and lubricated.

  1. Reason: the descending speed control valve is out of balance

Elimination method: adjust the control valve of falling speed, if the adjustment is invalid, replace the new valve.


Electric Scissor Lift Tablemanufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products, scissor lift tableis one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase this  mobile electric lift table, you could send us email or by other ways that listed in the page.

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