ART279 drum tilter trolley

Drum Tilter Trolley is a high-efficiency drum truck suitable for chemical industry. At present, it can be said the most versatile drum truck, mainly used to mobile carry, raise, transport, rotate, tilt, and drain fully loaded drums.

This drum handling equipment with a dual fingertip-operated lock can not only secure the drum being raised, but also can lock drums vertically to prevent spills and horizontally to drain load via faucet. When unlocked, the drum tilter may be turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and held manually at any angle. Besides, it is shipped partly disassembled to save freight cost.

HD80A drum tilter trolley

Types of Drum Truck:

As a leader manufacturer of drum truck, we produce and sale various kinds of drum truck, such as hydraulic drum truck, ergonomic drum handler, drum stacker, drum dolly, low profile drum caddy, drum lifter, drum tilter, etc.

HD80A drum tilter trolley

Technical Parameter of Drum Tilter Trolley:

Capacity       kg(lb.)364(800), steel drum
Drum Size572 Diameter, 210liters(55gallon), 915.5mm High
Net weight    kg(lb.)50(110)
Roller bearing wheels     mm(in.)202(8)
Swivel caster               mm(in.)100(4)

The features of Drum Tilter Trolley:

♦ Used for 55 gallons steel drums and 210L plastic drums.

♦ With locking handle, the drum is locked and easily poured or positioned horizontally or vertically.

♦ When unlocked, the drum can be rotated in order to stir its content and held manually at any angle.

♦ Delivered partly disassembled to save freight costs.

♦ Easy to move and steer with roller bearing wheels and swivel caster.

♦ Simple, economic and reliable drum handling equipment.

After-sale service:

♦ Each equipment comes with installation instructions

♦ 1 Year Limited Warranty (Not include consumable accessories/ parts)

♦ We have a professional and perfect after-sales service team.

♦ Spare parts support


Q: What type of drums can this carry? plastic, steel, fiber?

A: This unit is designed for rimmed 55 gallon steel drums.

Q: In a horizontal position what is the highest spout height?

A: It is 18 inches.

Q: Can I rotate my drums with this drum carrier? Or can I use this drum carrier as a drum dispenser?

A: Yes, it allow you to rotate your drum 360 degrees, yet lock the tilt angle of a raised drum.

  • Lock drum in vertical position to avoid spills
  • Lock drum in horizontal position to pour
  • When unlocked, the drum may be turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and held manually at any angle.

Q: What is the packing when I get this drum carrier?

A: The shipping packing is 1pc to a carton and 5 cartons to a pallet. It is shipped partly unassembled to save freight cost, you need to install it according to the instruction.



  1. Confirm that the weight of the oil drum and its contents shall not be greater than the maximum rated load of the oil drum reversing hopper.
  2. Do not make the oil drum at the maximum lifting height when moving and holding the oil drum to turn over the hopper.(note: during this process, do not make the oil drum rotate or rise or fall at the same time.)Check whether the internal movable riser is falling, as long as the necessary clearance between the oil drum and the ground can be maintained.
  3. in the process of work, should not make the hands and feet in the oil barrel tipping car in front of the area or under the oil barrel.
  4. Do not use dump rotator on sloping ground with a gradient of more than 8 degrees.
  5. in the process of work, should make the hand or other objects do not close to the dump rotator tipping car lifting chain, hoop or mobile stand.
  6. Confirm whether the fasteners of the two chain positioner are fastened before lifting the oil drum reversing hopper.
  7. In the case that the inner movable riser and the outer fixed riser are not locked together, the oil drum should not be turned over and the hopper should be placed horizontally.
  8. Check the oil mark hole on the reducer to confirm that there is enough lubricating oil in the machine; Add a little light oil and butter to the rotating parts and oil nozzles to ensure safe and reliable movement of each part.



  1. Before using the oil drum to turn over the hopper, please check whether all the springs, pins, casters, lifting chains and their positioner are in good working condition. The hydraulic cylinder works normally without oil leakage. Warning: if parts are defective or in poor condition, please do not use this truck, as this will directly affect the performance of the oil drum tipping hopper.
  2. Lubricate caster and sprocket with butter through grease nozzle every month. The moving parts in the upside-down hopper are injected with light oil to ensure smooth operation. Warning: do not place the drum rotator in the rain or snow for a long time.
  3. If the oil barrel upside-down hopper is frequently used for a long time, it is suggested to replace all springs, hydraulic oil and sealing parts of the hydraulic cylinder once a year to ensure a long service life of the oil barrel upside-down hopper. If the belt wear, affect the operation, should be replaced in time.


Drum Tilter Trolley Manufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products, Drum Tilter Trolley is one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase a manual mobile drum tipping station, you can send us email from this page for quotation now. And if you are interested in our other products, welcome to contact us via e-mail or other ways that listed in the page. We will reply you in 24 hours.

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